What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha, is an ancient form of massage which uses handheld tools to scrape the skin for a variety of health benefits. The method has been practiced as part of Chinese medicine for many millennia. Interestingly, some historians have even reported its origins to be traced back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians.

  Utilising the many qualities contained within certain stones and crystals for Gua Sha msssage was commonplace amongst oppulent ladyfolk throughout the Far East, mainly due to the rarity of such pure stones.

In recent times, celebrity make-up artists and massage therapists in the West have discovered the benefits of using crystals for Gua Sha Face Massage.

The Gua Sha method has survived & stood up to the test of time, it’s a tried & tested method that helps your skin stay healthy & giving your skin a natural glow. 


What does a Gua Sha Facial Massage do?

Gently scraping facial skin with our stone helps to release unhealthy matter from within, encouraging new oxygenated blood to circulate to the treated areas, promoting metabolic cell repair and regeneration of the skin. The muscles in the face are effectively restrained creating strengthening, toning and lifting whilst providing relief from tension and stress. The 400% increase in microcirculation also optimises the effectiveness of your makeup and skincare.

See our Benefits of Gua Sha page for more.


Who can use Gua Sha stones for Face Massage?

Almost anybody can use our stones for Gua Sha Face Massage. It only takes a few minutes and can be done on yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

 Our customers normally start to see instant results after a couple of treatments, improving blood circulation and a natural lift in the face. The Gua Sha method will help with stiffness, encourage the movement of lymphatic fluids as well as allow the skin to function better by facilitating cell repair & regeneration. 

It’s important for us that we enable you to achieve the best results you can, therefore our experts advise that you perform this treatment on a daily basis. 

All you need is a serum of your choice, which you apply on your face (recommended serums can be found in our shop, but you can use an alternative) and the stone of your choice, which you use to scrape your skin gently in the correct directions, please refer to instructions enclosed in your packaging, for guidance.  


Which stone do I choose?

As the the popularity of Gua Sha has increased, so has the number of more cost effective alternatives to a pure stone. Many, if not all of these, have been contaminated with other products and therefore, the likelihood is that the qualities of the original crystal is non existent. Some of these substandard stones may even cause harm.

Our products are carefully mined in pure crystal form before each piece is individually carved to shape with nice contours that help you get into the crevices of the face. Our stance is clear when it comes to quality, we source only the finest authentic Gua Sha products.

Some customers prefer to use more than one type of crystal, others prefer to stick to one. The choice is yours, or as some believe, the stone chooses you.

Please see our shop to identify which stone is calling you...